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Campus - Retail Equipment Line

School Nutrition Directors work diligently to provide students with a variety of beverage options that are both nutritious and tasty.  Consultants on Tap and our Manufacturing partners take it a step further providing state of the art technology in a sleek compact design, returning coveted space to the operator while maintaining nutritious options.

In addition to saving space, operators are always looking for ways to reduce waste and the costs associated with it.  With a system provided by Consultants on Tap, operators can not only expect reduced liquid waste, but the waste associated with garbage as well, therefore reducing operating cost.

Drinking Milk

Milk Systems

Udderly Cold Milk SolutionsTM Introduces the first

Remote Milk Delivery System

Image by Jorik Blom

Nitro Brew Coffee

 Enjoy the rich effervescence of Nitrogen in cold brew coffee

Image by Hanna Balan

Soda Systems

Soda on Tap Old World charm New World Technology

Image by jennieramida

Water Systems

Chilled, still & sparkling water on tap eliminates need for bottled products

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