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"TOUCHLESS" Dispensing Now Available!


Udderly Cold Milk Solutions™ Introduces the 1st

Remote Milk Delivery System

Long gone are the days of carton milk and gravity fed milk dispensers.  Make the switch to Udderly Cold Milk Solutions™ which provides state-of-the-art milk refrigeration technology that offers COLD, CLEAN, CONTROLLED dispensing solutions. This first of its kind remote milk delivery system is a result of over 30 years of remote dispense equipment engineering experience.


Their patent pending milk refrigeration and delivery system allows milk to reside in the walk-in cooler, chill through refrigerated lines and dispense ice cold at 35°F. Portion controlled milk delivers 8 oz in 3 seconds with a touch of the button.  The soft, laminar flow dispenses quickly and easily into the cup and keeps the self-service line moving.  The front flush cleaning process is an excellent, simple, clean-in-place system that requires NO disassembly or reassembly, while allowing for proper maintenance and the dispensing of the highest quality milk product.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Remote milk delivery system – no need to handle bags or milk cartons.  Once milk is delivered by the supplier, milk stays in the walk-in cooler with no need to be handled.  35°F cold consistent temperature delivery ensures maximum product life.

  • Little to No milk waste: system yields 99% of milk from the bags.​

  • "TOUCHLESS" Dispenser is 1/3 the size of traditional bulk milk dispensers with twice the capacity.   4 lines/flavors of milk available per dispenser. 

  • LED Temperature Readout on the front of the dispenser. 

  • Dispenser can be located up to 150ft away from source/walk-in cooler.

  • Touch Button Adjustable portion control (8 oz servings in 3 seconds is standard). 

  • Milk bags can be paralleled or jumped together to double or triple milk capacity for high volume applications.

  • Eliminates labor on handling/transferring milk cartons/bags.

  • Quick connect milk bags provide easy replenishment during busy serving times.


  • Save $$ on waste/disposal of cartons.

  • Fun factor: self serve increases system usage and increases sales.


  • Increased milk consumption = increased profits.

          *Patent Pending
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